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Franki is a soft leather, queer, poly, sadomasochistic, female bodied  kinkster. She has been a part of the Indiana kink community since 2006, and has been participating in bdsm, kink, and nontraditional relationships with partners since 1984.  Franki has an education in anatomy, physiology, and musculoskeletal anatomy. She has been trained as a Certified First Responder and was a CPR/First Aid Instructor, and uses her knowledge, background and personal experiences to build her skill sets.

Franki identifies as an edge player and observes RACK and PRICK. She began exploring and experiencing needle play in 2006, quickly becoming a passionate needle player.  She enjoys the aesthetics, the power exchange, and the ritual of piercing, and also enjoys helping others discover and develop their own passion for needle play.

Workshop: Mentoring Dungeon: Medical Play and Needles


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