Shaded classes are part of the GLLA Education Program   
Friday 10:30 AM Location
The Myth of All or Nothing: Part-Time PE Daddy Kenyon and Switchy Butch Fortune Square A Memorializing Our Legacy Online -
SCHEDULE CHANGE, Moved to Saturday at 9:30 a.m. 
Patrick Smith Fortune Square B
Puppy Play 101 Sir Wolf Fortune Square C
The Science of BDSM Science of BDSM Research Team Fortune Square D
Mentoring Dungeon: Impact Play Mactep Ballrooms 4 & 5
Friday 12:30 PM Location
From the Bottom to the Top: Masters Journey Master Talon Fortune Square A
Rubber 101 Jeffrey Basile Fortune Square B
Intro To GLLA Ms Constance Fortune Square C
Gear up: Leather as Political Resistance Teagan the Bootblack Fortune Square D
Mentoring Dungeon: Rope Skills Master David Ballrooms 4 & 5
Friday 2:30 PM Location
Urethral Sound Play Master Dexter Fortune Square A
Why do I always fall for Mr./Ms. Right-Now instead of Mr./Ms. Right? Sir Gareth and toi Fortune Square B
TNG Panel Moderator: Marta Fortune Square C
Why Do Power Exchange: A Psychologist's Perspective Kevin and katie Fortune Square D
Mentoring Dungeon: Medical Play and Needles Franki Ballrooms 4 & 5
Friday 4:30 PM  Location
Erotic Bootblacking Marcie Friday Fortune Square A
Breaking the Binary Andi Fortune Square B
Poly Relationships Master Kaddan Fortune Square C
Want to be a Titleholder? Ms. Constance Fortune Square D
Mentoring Dungeon: Electricity Linda Ballrooms 4 & 5
Saturday 9:30 AM  Location
Surround Yourself: Mummification Made Easy Alexander Red Fortune Square A Memorializing Our Legacy Online Patrick Smith Fortune Square B
By the People Film Screening  Christina Court Hall of Champions 3
Breath Play Mark Frazier Fortune Square C
Spirituality in the Dungeon Master Malik and slave cathy Fortune Square D
Saturday 2:30 PM  Location
BDSM and Safer Sex Ryan Nix Fortune Square A
Serving the Chronically Ill Daddy Daun and slavegirl J Fortune Square B
Titleholder Panel: 2016 Titleholder Family Moderator: Slave Amendah Fortune Square C
Humiliation  SweetSalt Fortune Square D
Reclaiming Our Leather History Vi Johnson Ballroom 1
Saturday 4:30 PM  Location
Leather Worship Xiaoyi Fortune Square A
Gaits and the Pony Lowdown Indybabygirl Fortune Square B
Giving/Receiving Service & Creating Effective Ritual/Protocols Sir Top and slave bonnie Fortune Square C
Elders Panel: Master Z, Joey McDonald, Sir Shane Moderator: Lady Elsa Fortune Square D