Special Events Coordinator - lil Jacki

Hi.  My name is lil Jacki and I am your Bluegrass 2010 and Great Lakes Leather Alliance 2011 slave thanks to my Master who gave me the confidence to face any challenge, the strength to be me, and a couple hundred rubber duckies.  

I am my Master's good little girl and I strive to be his angel, halo included, as this implies.  Sometimes that halo looks a lot more like a collar, but it's still shiny.  I enjoy working behind the scenes to ensure my Master is confident, comfortable, and happy;  as well as working within the Community to build strong ties to individuality, personal growth, safety, responsibility, education, and community awareness as well as some plain old fun.  

I have been around for a while, but seem to learn something new every day.  Nothing more important than everything looks different after a glass of good bourbon and a lollipop.  I keep a close group of friends whom I depend on to keep me accountable, but who enjoy a good Disney movie and a cuddle just as much.  

I work on improving myself every day and strive to be the best me possible for my Master, my family, and my community. If your ever looking for me, I am the one worth candy, coloring books, and bubbles.  

If you want to know more, please ask.   I am a slave.  I am a little.  I am a mother.  I am a princess.  I am loved and protected in my submission.  

I am lots of things rolled into one bundle, normally adorned with heels and a tutu, and because of my Master, my Leather family, and some good old hard work, I will continue to grow into the perfect me.  

Thank you Master.  Kiss kiss.