Dara has been active in the BDSM/Leather/Kink community for nearly twenty years and she has served on the boards of InKink as President and Treasurer, NLA-Indianapolis, as Treasurer and Indiana Masters and slaves (IMAS) as President and Treasurer.  She hosted the Indianapolis munch for several years and founded the Kinky Indiana Submissives and slaves (KISS) group.  Dara served as GLLA Master/slave judge in 2013.  She is a current member of IMAS and KISS.

Christina K. Court is the Vice President of Leather Archives & Museum--she is the first female-identified individual to be elected to an officer position within the LA&M Board of Directors. She is also the IML Contest Video Producer, a Leather and LGBTQIA filmmaker/documentarian via High Moo Production, and the recipient of the 2016 Pantheon of Leather 2016 Woman of the Year Award.

Christina is the producer and director of the internationally award-winning documentary, “High Shine: 15 Years of International Ms Bootblack.” Her current film, “By The People: 25 Years of Community Archiving At The Leather Archives & Museum” recently won the CineKink 2017 Best Documentary Short award. She lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Meghan is proud to have represented her community as International Ms Bootblack 2016. She has also been honored to have served as Great Lakes Bootblack 2015 and Bluegrass Leather Pride Bootblack 2015.

Since discovering kink in 2010 and Leather in 2012, she's gotten to Bootblack, judge, and present at events across the country. At home in Louisville, Meghan loves sharing her leather care knowledge at Boot Labs, classes  and as a mentor. Before it's closing, she was a regular at her home bar, The Barracks.

Meghan serves on the Board of Directors as a Member at Large for Mr. Friendly: Team Louisville, and is a full member of Titans of the Midwest. Now, she also sits on the Great Lakes Board of Directors as co-coordinator of the Bootblack contest.

Meghan seeks to create an experience in her chair that not only honors and worships your Leather, but also your journey. Bootblacking gives this switchy Leather dyke the space to define her ideas of sexual and personal expression in ways that resonate deeply.

After years of serving the leather and kink communities as an ASL Interpreter, Gabriel has been all over the country (and once or twice to Canada) to attend and work events big and small.  About 9 years ago he caught the whiff of polish and grease and was drawn to bootblacking. Jumping in with both feet....uhh boots that is, he worked to find mentors everywhere he went and in 2011 (with a lot help from his friends) he decided he and the world were ready for him as a title holder.  He competed and was awarded both Bluegrass Bootblack and GLLA Bootblack. The following year he competed at ICBB and was awarded the Golden Brush Award for 2012.  He cherishes the experiences from all the competitions he has either been in or judged for since.  He was honored to be the keynote speaker for GLLA in 2013. 2014 was a big year as well receiving the the Spirit of Service Award at SWLC and The Pantheon of Leather Southeast Regional award.

Knowing it is time to continue to be involved and help make the changes he wants to see, Gabriel has started teaching workshops both at home and at events. In his home community of Louisville, KY he has been a successful emcee for the last 2 years at the Bluegrass Leather Pride event. Trying to live up to his position as Mama's Kissing Bandit and one of Ms. Constance's 'kids', Gabriel wants to pass along the wonderful experiences he had competing and serving in this community.  To that end has teamed up with GLLA to co-direct the GLLA Bootblack Contest.

  My name is Charles and I come to you from Louisville with my slave, lil Jacki.  I have been in the community for quite some time and was honored to represent Bluegrass leather in 2010 and GLLA as your Great Lakes Master 2011.  It was a huge stepping stone in my Leather journey.  It amazes me how we all have grown and changed throughout the years.  My life revolves around my household, my Leather Family and my community.

I pride myself on being a quiet, patient Master for my slave, the grounding point for my girl, a sounding board for many, and the provider for my farm full of my littles' babies.  These include two great danes who believe they are lap dogs, two Pomeranians who believe they are great danes, and four birds all of which believe they are eagles.  With a job in, you guessed it, computers and three children to occupy a big block of my time, I stay busy and relish the time I get with those I consider my Leather family.  I enjoy learning new sadistic ways to pleasure those I care about, practicing skills I use to keep my sweet innocent reputation, and encouraging growth within those willing to ask for help.  Come on over to the dark side, my slave will make you dinner and we will see where our journey takes us.