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Sir/boy, Ms & PoL - Judges

Mr Chicago Leather 2014, born in Caracas, Venezuela,  Miguel has called Chicago home since 2000. His Introduction with leather started in the mid-2000s while running into the IML hotel by chance. Miguel is actively involved in local Charities that provide healthcare services to those that can’t afford it. He’s in the board of Directors at the Howard Brown Health Center, an organization that provides health services to the LGBTQ community regardless of income. IML contestant handler, Founding President of the Chicago Band of Brothers, Producer of CLAW 15 Leather Bingo, The Eagle Rises and the IML black and blue ball 2015. A pup trainer/handler, he's dedicated to spreading puppy love and education throughout the community. Proud Sir to Dog Rowdy and pup Dane. His motto in life is don’t say you don’t like it if you haven’t tried it and he’s always open to new experiences. 

Shahrazad has been an established Professional Dominatrix in the Toronto scene for fifteen years and counting and is currently the owner and Headmistress of The Ritual Chamber dungeon. In this capacity, she passionately oversees a team of nine other Dominants whom she mentors in risk-aware, consensual, professional kink. She is honored to hold the titles of International Person of Leather 2016 and Ms. Leather Toronto 2016 and was awarded the 2016 Heart of the Flag Federation Leather Pride Award for her contributions to the local and international communities in that year. She acted as a mentor to the fledgling kink community in Budapest, Hungary which contributed to the successful birthing of the first ever Hungarian BDSM Conference, drawing attendees from all over Europe, the UK, Canada, and the United States.

Thanks to a long-standing passion for teaching kink both locally and internationally, Shahrazad has been a featured presenter at such events and venues as Toronto Bound, Toronto Leather Pride, Unholy Harvest (Toronto), Queering Power (Ottawa/Toronto), Montreal Fusion Weekend, Rocky Mountain Rebellion (Salt Lake City, UT), Beyond Vanilla (Dallas, TX), Purple Passion (New York City, NY), Leather H.E.A.T. (Los Angeles, CA), Keeping It Kinky (Rotterdam, Netherlands), and the First Hungarian BDSM Conference (Budapest, Hungary). She currently facilitates a discussion group called the smES (submissive men’s Empowerment Society) which focuses on supporting male-identified submissives with their D/s identities and journeys.

Shahrazad’s 15+ year apprenticeship to a matriarchal shamanic spiritual path contributes to her fascination with the spiritual, mystical, and personal growth potential held within the practice of leather/BDSM/kink. She holds honours degrees in Social Work and Sexuality Studies.

Max lives in Phoenix, AZ. He has been involved in the leather community for over six years.  Max enjoys cigars, belly/navel worship, erotic bootblacking, CBT, flogging, nipple play and food play just to name a few.  He is a Co-Founder of Arizona Leather Bears and Cubs and a member of the Phoenix boys of Leather. He has held the titles of Tampa Bay Leatherboy 2013, Florida Leatherboy 2013 and American Leatherboy 2015.  Max has served as a staff member for various leather events across the country such as Coordinator for South Central LeatherSIR, boy and Community Bootblack, Transportation Coordinator for Florida LeatherSIR, boy and Community Bootblack, Coordinator for Southwest Leather Bear Weekend and Contest Manager for Mr GayDays Leather. He has always had a huge heart for charity work.  He was a member of the Royal Sovereign and Imperial Court of the Alamo Empire and served their Majesties as Duke de Valero for Reign 24.  Max serves the Phoenix community as a Novice Sister with the Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. He has judged many contests throughout the country and is happy to be here at Great Lakes Leather Alliance.

Sir Jim

Jim is Great Lakes LeatherSIR 2015 and Ohio LeatherSIR 2014. Jim is an alumni member of the Rangers Inc. Leather, Levi, and Uniform Club based out of Cleveland/Akron, Ohio. He served as President, Vice-President,  and Road Captain for the organization.
Jim co-leads Team Friendly Northeast Ohio along with Steve, his partner of 19 years. Jim started the #PrePWarrior campaign as part of his advocacy and work with Mr. Friendly, encouraging people to educate themselves and advocate for their sexual health.
He is an IT professional for a Fortune 250 company by day; by night Jim is a passionate leatherman with a penchant for flogging. He is always looking to expand his boundaries in leather, kink, and fetish. 
Jim enjoys the love and support of his leather family which includes his partner Steve, Sir Bob, and their collared boy Tim.
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