Puppy/Trainer Producers

Pup Mjolnir has been involved in pup play for the past five years. He’s part owner and alpha of the local pup group The PAAC (Pups Against Animal Cruelty), a fund raising and community service group based out of Ohio. He’s also part owner of the Cleveland Puppy Contest and Great Lakes Pup and Trainer contest. While he’s new to many aspects of BDSM, he’s passionate about learning what he doesn’t know and passing on his experience. In his free time he’s often found at the gym, local shooting range, curled up at his owner’s feet, or ear deep in his house’s leather gear. When asked for a personal quote he had this to say, “I will find you. When I do, I will lick, hump and pee on you... but probably not in that order.”

Gungnir or pup G as many call him hails from the "House of HIRT" located in Cleveland OH. Gungnir is beta of the house and beta to Alpha Mjolnir and Alpha to his wonderful beta bjorn. pup G is a member of The PAAC (pups against animal cruelty) and is proud to be pledging ONYX(Great Lakes) as the first Native American pledge in ONYX history. When this doggo isn't play with squeaky toys, video games or cooking, he is Co-producer of the Cleveland puppy contest and Co-producer of Great Lakes pup and Trainer contest. pup gungnir is the current Midwest puppy and is very proud to be representing the Midwest. Gungnir would like to tell all the GLLA contestants "Just be yourself and leave it all on the stage".

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