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Gregg Lakota has been active in the leather community for the past 27 years.  In 1989, he co-founded the leather club, the Rangers, which is now the second oldest leather club in Ohio, currently celebrating its 25th year in the community.  Since its inception, the Rangers have donated thousands of dollars to various charities, both locally and nationally.  At the national level, Gregg Lakota served on the executive board (steering committee) of the American Uniform Association from the early to mid 90's.  From 1991 to 2000, Gregg served on the executive board of the Northeast Ohio Coalition, a major charitable fund raising force within the region's gay community.  Since 1989, Gregg has won a number of titles, including Mr. Leather Stallion, Mr. Gay Cleveland, Mr. Midwest Drummer, & Mr. Gay Pennsylvania USA.  His most recent title was Mr. Ohio Leather 2008.  At the national level, Gregg placed 3rd runner-up in International Mr. Drummer 1989, 4th runner-up in Mr. Gay USA 1992, and 1st runner-up in  American Leatherman 2008.  His achievements include two Lifetime Achievement Awards (one for the Great Cleveland area and another for the Akron area), induction into the Akron Gay Hall of Fame twice (one for community service and one as a notable male entertainer), and the Ohio Leather Cornerstone Award for community service.  Gregg Lakota owns and produces the Mr. Leather Akron contest, which is Ohio's oldest leather contest, having been held for 21 consecutive years.  He has also produced the Mr. Cleveland Leather contest for the past two years and has had some involvement in the production of the Mr. Ohio Leather contest for several years, as well.  Overall, since 1990, Gregg has judged more than 90 contests at the local, state, and regional levels, including both leather contest and drag pageants.  Consequently, his knowledge of contests and pageants is extensive.

Gregg Lakota, who is known as Daddy Gregg in the leather community, currently lives in Lakewood, OH with boy greg, his partner of six years.  Both are known to support and assist in raising funds for various charitable organizations within their community.  

Ric Scardino has been involved in the leather community for well over 30 years.  He has lived in many areas across the country before settling in Cleveland, Ohio.  He then immediately became involved with the local leather clubs, especially N.A.I.L. With club memberships beginning to dwindle in the mid-2000's, Ric (along with James Foster) formed R & J Productions in an effort to revive the local leather community via various leather contests.  Their first endeavor was the establishment of Mr. Cocktails Cleveland Leather (a bar title).  They then produced the Mr. Cleveland Leather 2008 contest with the permission of its owner at the time.  A series of other contests followed:  Mr. Flex Leather, Mr. Leather of Cleveland, Mr. Cleveland Rubber, and Ms Cleveland Leather.  After several years, Ric and James then took a break to concentrate on home and health while still maintaining a connection with the community.  In 2011, Ric and James produced the Miss Cocktails Cleveland Newcomer pageant, which remains a prestigious local pageant to this day.  In addition to producing contests, Ric has also served as a head judge numerous times.  He is presently the coordinator of the "Step Up or Step Down" organization, which resulted from hate crime attacks on gays that began in the late summer of 2013.  He was instrumental in creating a liaison among the Cleveland police department (from the chief down to the patrolmen), City Hall, and the gay community.  As a result, Quarterly Town Hall meetings are held to keep the lines of communication open.  Ric is known as the "Godfather of Leather," a name bestowed upon him due to the numbers of people who are constantly coming to him for advice or help.

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