Missouri State Producer

Daddy’s-gidget is the new Owner & Producer of Show Me Leather.  Gidget was introduced 10 years ago to the BDSM Community in Kansas City.  She started off as a bottom to get her feet wet.  About 8 years ago, she was at a dungeon party where they were presenting some Leaders in the Kansas City Community their Sir’s vests.  Listening to these Leather people gave her a desire to learn. 

She moved to Dallas, TX where she learned more of the leather path, fell in love with Leather & the local community.  You could find her at subhaven, Bridging the Slash, Neal, CORE & various other activities in the DFW area. When she moved back to Kansas City, she participated in several groups like SoS, AHS, MAsT High Protocol Dinner & would attend local parties at either IX or The Black Dog as time allowed. 

In March she was approached to take over Show Me Leather.  This was a decision she did not take lightly.  She spoke of this with her Master & a friend who is a Mentor to her to decide if she should do this.  In May it was announced that she is the new owner.

Her goal is to continue to honor the Leather people in the past, paying respect to them, to help new people who are entering the community a safe way to enter by providing education discussion groups for them to attend.  To her, education is a must to enter any community. 
She is available to present on The Butler Books, Risk Awareness & educational groups regarding safety & negotiations.

It is her desire to see Show Me Leather become not just a once a year Show for MO to go & enjoy.  However for the titleholders to be Ambassadors for the great state of MO & to be solid leaders for our future.

For more information on Show Me Leather please reach out to her either through Fetlife or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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