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As the current Michigan Puppy, Pup Teya is honored to be the first female to compete for Great Lakes Pup. In her first year in the pup community, Teya has made great strides in showing that everyone’s “bark” matters. She continues to break down barriers and bridge gaps for minorities and females in the pup community. As a service pup, Teya’s plan for the years to come is to work towards destigmatize kink and healthy sexual lifestyles.

Pup Teya is proud to be handled by her amazing trainer Martinisoft, and although their relationship is still blossoming, they are working hard to build the bonds for a strong dynamic. When not at events or conventions this puppy enjoys the simple things in life like a quick trip to Chicago for scritches, showing her bio dog and curling up to a good book. They say beauty is on the inside and whether Teya is showing her persona, fursona, or pupsona, you will find they are all an extension of her inner truth.

Born and raised in a poly leather household in California, Sir Jason Cutler learned at an early age the attraction to order and discipline. As a young adult, he began his own journey into power exchange through Michigan's pansexual kink community, and in time became active in the leather community as well. Sir Jason fell in love with being a Handler the moment he met two very special pups (a rubber, and leather pup, respectively). It was then that he learned you can be nurturing, protective, and loving in a playfully energetic way while still maintaining structure and discipline. Needless to say, he was hooked. As the current Michigan Trainer, his goal is to show anyone who will listen to the multidimensional joys of being a Trainer, and the unconditional love you feel when you have a pup in your life. Sir Jason Cutler is not only a Trainer to his pup but also a Sir to his girl, a father to his children (on two legs and four), and  the founder of Dark Side of Kink, a large sex-positive fetish event geared toward uniting the alternative lifestylers and weekend warriors from all walks of life.

Alice is a pansexual genderqueer femme, poly/open, a versatile switch, and is proud to represent Kentucky as the first Bluegrass Leather Pride Puppy. You may find him at a leather event sporting 6-inch stilettos, skirt, and a welcoming smile. They have talked on panels discussing being a part of The Next Generation as well as Overcoming Discrimination. She is a member of Team Friendly Louisville, Kentucky Leather Brotherhood, and has volunteered at several events, including Tri-State Leather and CLAW. He flags black, hunter green, and purple just to name a few, with a deep love for beards and body hair. She lives by the advice of her bio mom: “make sure you light up the room and make sure they never forget you.”

Esteban Cervantez or Pup Xolox (Zo-Los) has been an active member of the kink community for the past few years and a former service member of the US Navy. He competed this year for Illinois Leather Alliance Pup 2017 and won the title. A fully professed member of the Windy City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence as both Sister Kay Nine and Guard Woof Gang Pup. He is also a member of Chicago Puppy Patrol (C.P.P.) Recently he has been more open to his other kink AB/DL (adult baby/diaper lover.) Though he is hard to miss with his iconic green hair and gear, Pup Xolox has been gracious and welcoming to all who are curious and have questions, sharing a great story or lending his ear to someone, this Pup is excited to continue his growth within the community.

Alpha pup Cyon has been out of the kennel for over six years.  He is originally from Colorado and now calls Wisconsin home. While in Colorado, he was active in LGBTQ organizations on the University of Colorado campus, including serving as president of Pride Alliance in 2007. In Wisconsin, he helped found the first ever puppy group in Wisconsin, Badger PAH, and helped organize this year's mosh for Wisconsin Leather, in addition to helping with other groups and charitable initiatives.

He is proudly owned by Sir Nate and alpha to Beta Audax while mentoring other puppies in an informal manner.  He is a proud playful gear puppy who not only enjoys pupping out and barking but also enjoys playing with new puppies and helping them get into the headspace.  He is always willing to help a fellow puppy in need.  You can find him at moshes playing with the shy puppies helping chase squirrels. His other favorite kinks include bondage,  mummification, fisting, and banding. The most important thing he has learned is what it means to be yourself and be the puppy you are no matter what anyone says.  He looks forward to the potential opportunity to represent the Great Lakes pup community and help build an inclusive and fun environment for all.

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