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After 17 years in service to their wholesome middle-class lifestyles Mistress Elliot, Anders and Hagen each, individually, walked away from their own “American dream” and into the lives they wanted. Each gave up uninspiring and predictable futures in favor of living lives full of curiosity and sexual exploration. Anders and Elliot followed uncannily similar paths up to the day they met at a BDSM event in Kansas City several years ago. Nine months later, they married each other - agreeing that when you find “it” you keep it and you keep it close. Since their spontaneous union in 2012, they have spent most of their time loving each other and enjoying their personal exploration into BDSM & the nuances of sharing a Power-Exchange relationship. They began as a traditional couple, and transitioned to a polyamorous one with the addition of Hagen to the relationship. Outside of their dedication to each other, they work tirelessly to promote the joys of BDSM in its many forms; having a special passion for educating others about the profound effects that “Power-Exchange,” or “D/s”, can have on the human connection. They live, learn and hope always to lead by example. Every day, they are subjects in their own study of living the art of Dominance and submission.

Separately, all three began their BDSM explorations serving as dedicated submissives to unusually talented Dominants; experiences that had a profound effect on their later developments as a couple, and triad. Their roles came together so subtly and organically - they didn’t realize the extent of their transformation into the very definition of a 24/7 Power-Exchange family (or “Polycule”) until one night when they were introduced to a crowd that way. It all happened so easily.

Elliot is a consummate student, teacher and counselor. The list of courses, workshops, demos, essays and other groups she has created or participated in over the last decade are too many to list. She focusses most on introducing women, D or S to the power of the Feminine through her private workshops and with the help of Anders and Hagen, smashing the stereo-types of what it is to be a powerful, submissive man. Elliot’s passion for spreading the word about the magic of successful power-exchange is fundamental to her work as a part-time Pro Domme and a full-time “sex positive” Life Coach- changing lives through her private practice, Her practice covers all manner of the human condition but she takes a special delight in offering a service called “Power-Exchange Consultation”- a single-session assessment of any D/s type relationship aimed at improving the dynamic. She is known for her straight forward approach and no-nonsense attitude. Elliot is unapologetically her own person and for those with an adventurous spirit, a friend to have.

Anders had a long relationship with kink well before he joined the BDSM community. Ask and he’ll tell you himself: he’ll try anything once. From newspaper reporter, university professor, web-developer to working in the United States Capitol and many years spent working on political campaigns, he has done a bit of everything, including an endless variety of kinky fun. His past experiences were instrumental in encouraging and advising Elliot to try her hand as a ProDomme. He saw it in her first and his encouragement made her practice a success. The past few years have seen Anders become a prolific & published writer of his own experiences and high-quality smut or “erotica for smart people”; stories that often feature the dynamics of Power-Exchange. He has also been instrumental in the promotion and upkeep for many kink-based organizations in the community. As the owner of a group called “The League of Submissive Gentleman” he is committed to breaking the stereotype of who and what a submissive man can be. His ever-positive attitude, infectious smile, depth of insight and knowledge about the lifestyle makes his passion for the BDSM lifestyle contagious.

Hagen joined the BDSM community several years after Elliot and Anders but was no stranger to kink, it was through Mistress Elliot that he was introduced to the larger BDSM community, embarking on an adventure with her and Anders that changed his life forever. Seeing something truly exceptional in him, Elliot invited him into their lives, pulling him away from a lifestyle full of stifling shoulds and unwanted burdens. Though a serious decision, it was not long before he moved out of mediocrity and into Elliot and Anders’ lives- three years ago. The quietest member of the trio, Hagen is the calming balance to their relationship. Don’t let his quiet countenance fool you, Hagen is extremely intelligent and has a wicked sense of humor. The trio could not be who and what it is without him.

The last two years have seen this unlikely trio embark upon a dream come true - the creation and operation of a Private Dungeon in Kansas City. An intimate venue dedicated to the encouragement of a higher standard of protocol, behavior, and dress for community members interested in a change of venue or looking for an intimate night out. Housed in a 100-year-old church, the triad hosts monthly play parties and larger formal events that fill the place to capacity. The dungeon has become the base of operations from which they work to support, educate and build a stronger community and have fun doing it. A true labor of love the space reflects this trio’s dedication to the lifestyle and the community in which they live and play.

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