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Daddy Sky Cotton represents The Illinois Leather Alliance as Ms. Leather Pride 2017. She’s a Chicago based Leather Dyke, whose personal lust for Kink, Fetish, and Leather Lifestyle spans more than 27 years.

In 2005, dissatisfied with extremely limited play and BDSM Arts education options geared specifically towards Women, and Transfolk, Sky created Vespertine Chicago. She has dedicated herself to a core mission of fostering kink and fetish in everyone she meets that shows a genuine interest in learning Erotic Arts; and of stewarding the next generation of healthy, Sex Positive People, and Queer Women, by creating a safe space in which they may play, learn and grow. A portion of each event’s proceeds is donated to charity.

Over the last 7 years, Daddy Sky has also worked with Her Family, SS-Triple-X, to broaden awareness and interest in kink and fetish through art, and by bringing cutting edge Fantasy Fetish Performances to curious audiences all over Chicago and the Midwest. In 2010 SIN at Roscoe’s was created as an artistic conduit for The Family to present Kink, Fetish, BDSM education, and Body Positive Queer Burlesque in a creative and immediately engaging way.

Her professional life found her serving members of The Community for ten years by helping them navigate their path in Leather and Kink while working at Mephisto Leathers, and Leather 64Ten. Currently, Daddy Sky works in Personal Pleasure and Sex Education at Tulip Toy Gallery.

Daddy Sky is a Supporting Member of the Leather Archives and Museum and also volunteers at International Mr. Leather Weekend. Her interest in Performing Arts and Music have placed her in volunteer leadership roles for EstroJam Women’s Music Festival, The Chicago Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, and Gay Games VII, held in Chicago, Illinois.

As 2017 IL Handler Daddy Eos proudly represents the Illinois Leather Alliance. He is glad to call Chicago home with the wonderful community that has helped him grow and explore in a safe environment. The first kinks Daddy Eos was introduced to were puppy play and fisting. Both because they were instant favorites and helped open countless doors in his journey. Daddy Eos proudly collared Pup Diesel and Pup Pongo this past Spring and is loving each step of the path forward.

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