Pup Incus lives in Louisville, Kentucky in a home full of animals, including her Master, Shane, and her son. Pup Incus started her journey into animal role play in the late 90’s as part of the furry community, became active in the Louisville BDSM community in 2008, and started being publicly active in the pup community in 2013. She classifies herself as a service dog and loves to lend a paw to help out all the communities that she is involved in and all the people (and pups) that may need help. Pup Incus has volunteered at GLLA, SINergy, IMAS, ReMIX, Fringe Elements, and many more events and organizations in the Great Lakes area. Pup Incus is an Associate member of the Chicago Puppy Patrol, a founding member of the Louisville Critter Society, a member of Indy-PAH, and founding member of Derby City MAsT. Outside of the community she volunteers regularly for The Fairness Campaign, donates to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and The Louisville AIDS Walk. Pup Incus has had the great pleasure of being able to teach a variety of human animal roleplay and BDSM classes, judge pup and Leather contests across the country, and ran the first pup mosh at IMsL 2016. Pup Incus was honored and proud to be selected as the IPC International Puppy 2016!

Rex Shephard is International Puppy 2017. A Chicagoland native and currently living in the greater Austin, Texas area, he has identified as puppy for over 15 years and has participated in BDSM play for more than 25. In addition to founding and sponsoring AUS-PAH (Austin Pets and Handers), he is a full member of Discipline Corps and Austin Gears, and an associate member of North Star Kennel Club and Chicago Hellfire Club. Rex is a strong believer that the puppy and larger kinky communities must be fully inclusive and open to all sexual orientations and gender identities. As a wolf-shepherd hybrid, he is known to both howl at the moon and mix up words such as innocent and mischievous. Rex encourages pups to play and be themselves honestly and openly everywhere, in a manner respectful of all, with a key principle being that puppy play and kink should be fun – and we shouldn’t be doing it if we’re not enjoying it.  In addition, he has a passion for those pups in depression, suicide awareness, and PREP education.  Rex is also part furry, and an avid SCUBA diver, backpacker, and mountaineer.

Daddy John is an active member of the Chicago, regional and national puppy and handler community.  As an advocate for unity amongst fetishes and active in the fetish community since 1989, his largest current focus is advocating for suicide prevention and awareness within the kink community.  He has taught numerous puppy, kink and mental heal classes in the last several years.   A member of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and co-founder of the Inter-Fetish Coalition of Suicide Prevention and Awareness (IFCSPA) he has organized fundraisers and raised thousands of dollars towards this cause.  Daddy John is the current and first Great Lakes Trainer title holder. He is a member of the Chicago Puppy Patrol, International Puppy Club, Chicago Area Gear Enthusiast, Chicago Age Players, Chicago AB/DL’s, Titans of the Midwest, Clooless’s Sanctuary for Wayward Boys and Great Lakes Bears.  In the Puppy community, he is recognized as an Owner, Handler and Trainer. Daddy John enjoys spending time with his pup and partner of 7 years (Scout) and Nebula the newest family member, is an avid gamer and loves to cook.

International puppy 2015, Pup Figaro, is a co-founder of Project Touchbase with Pup Havok. Figaro is a Border Collie and as such can be found herding the local pups and Handlers to events. After moving from San Francisco, he found that he very much missed the close-knit SF pup community. He got involved with SEA-PAH, founded VAN-PAH (Vancouver Pups and Handlers), and won the title of Northwest Puppy 2014. Named for his involvement in Opera and Classical singing, Figaro enjoys meeting new pups and finding ways to strengthen the pup community. Figaro loves snickerdoodles, scritches, moshing, and sitting with his tongue out.

Sir Pounder is the IPTC International Trainer 2016 and former NW Handler 2016.  Pounder has been apart of the Kink/BDSM community his entire adult life and identifies as a Dog, who happens to be a Sir, Trainer, and Handler. He is a Giant Malamute with an affinity for Chocolate Chip Cookies but don't let his floofy soft exterior fool you. Pounder's Teal markings highlight his sadistic love for CBT and his ears perk up for the sweet sound of whimpers at the mercy of his paws.  He is the Co-Founder of VAC Pack, which exists for the purpose of bridging the gap, removing stigmas, and finding commonality in the Pup, Fur, Kink, and Leather communities through education and leadership. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his husband and Leatherman, Ryan Baehr.