Master/slave and Power Exchange

Master Alex is the Director Emeritus of MAsT International (Masters And slaves Together), a non-profit education, support, and resource group for people living or desiring to live in the Master/slave lifestyle.  During his tenure as head of MAsT (2000 to 2007), the organization more than quadrupled the number of its active local Chapters.  MAsT also went international with its first Chapter outside of the USA.  Prior to assuming leadership of MAsT and for many years thereafter, Master Alex was the Webmaster for MAsT and for many of its local MAsT Chapters.

Master Alex heads Household Keppeler, a residential community of gay leathermen living in Jackson, Michigan.  His leather family has existed continuously since 1996.  While his first slave died in 2001, the Household currently includes two live-in 24/7 slaveboys, one of whom has served the Household since 1997, and the other since 2005.

Master Alex has served as a judge at numerous Master/slave contests and a variety of leather contests.  He has also been a workshop presenter at many Master/slave and leather events.  Master Alex is active in the Midwest leather community.  He is an associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club, ICON Detroit, and Trident Windy City.

Master Alex, age 73, is the father of two children from a prior marriage, and Opa to three grandchildren.  He is a former clergyman and he is retired from a Fortune 500 electric and gas utility where he was a computer systems administrator and employee benefits consultant.

Master Z of Dallas is a well-known Dominant, Presenter and Leader in the Leather and BDSM scene.  He is also an ordained Buddhist Monk called Thay Z.  (Thay is pronounced like a man’s tie and means monk, teacher or master).  He held the title of International Master in 2004 and travels all over the United States and Canada making presentations on Master/slave, SM, Leather and Spirituality.  Master Z is the owner of slave bill, slave kiki, slave tina, slave Trudy as well as being in a power exchange relationship with Douglas from Ottowa.  He is one of the Heads of Household for the Texas Leather Tribe.

Master Z is Chairman and President of the Board of Directors for Butchmanns, Inc. and serves as an Instructor at the Butchmanns Weekend Experience.  He is also the Producer and HeadMaster for boys Training Camps and Co-Producer of Masters Retreat.

Master Z is eternally grateful to his mentors, the late Master Dean Walradt and the late boy Patrick Chees, who taught him much of the Leather protocols and rituals that he cherishes today.  Master Z is certain that his Leather Journey and BDSM experiences are directly related to his Spiritual Path and the path of a monk that he follows today.

boy Keith realized he has been interested in BDSM since he was a small child, when he would seek out certain types of pain.  he also knew he had a submissive nature and always wanted to serve people.  This would later lead him into the ministry and eventually nurture his desire to become active in the Leather/BDSM community.

boy Keith’s first taste of leather and BDSM came at the former 501 Eagle, in 1992, when he saw a public flogging.  he was scared yet fascinated at the same time.  Although he was around others in the community, he did not become involved until 2001.  Since that time, he served on the board of Indiana Still Cares for several years as both Secretary and Treasurer.  he also is a former board member for GLLA, serving from its inception for 10 years, with the last 5 of those years also serving as the show director.  It was during this tenure that he first realized his true nature as a submissive in the Leather/BDSM community.  Over the years, boy Keith has judged several contests, including Great Lakes Olympus, Great Lakes Master/slave 2011, and Georgia Leather 2012.  he also has taught classes on the Master/slave lifestyle, as well as piercing and needle play at several events including GLLA 2011 and Southwest Leather Conference 2012.  boy Keith also was the co-producer of Georgia Leather in 2011 and the co-founder and producer of Mr. and Ms. International Transgender Contest.

boy Keith is the collared boy and husband to Master Dexter (International LeatherSIR 2005), whom he met at GLLA in 2006.  A native of Indiana, boy Keith now lives with his Master in Huntsville, Alabama.  he has worked in the field of ophthalmology for 23 years and currently works in surgery while also traveling as a consultant and teacher at different eye surgery centers throughout the United States.  In 2016, boy Keith received his honorary Doctorate in Divinity and continues to be involved in event planning as both a wedding planner and officiant.

Kevin is the owner of katie for the last 15 years.  With her, he is a 2017 International Power Exchange titleholder. He is a retired psychologist who believes that Power Exchange and personal growth are the key to long lasting relationships.  He believes in Self-Discipline so much that he takes cold showers almost every morning.  He is working on his first book about Power Exchange.  Kevin has previously judged the International Person of Leather contest and teaches nationally.  His primary fetish is orgasms - ALL the orgasms! He's generally a pretty nice guy, so feel free to start up a conversation.

My leather journey began when i met Maxx during the summer of '99. Later that same year, i met two major additional members of my leather family, Ms. Kendra, and Sir Nigel. Quickly, we formed a bond that will last thru time.

I have serviced my community in many roles supporting Maxx, Ms. Kendra, and Nigel. These roles included working sound and media during contests and stage productions, and being attentive.

I have also co-produced Upper Ohio Valley Leather, Great Lakes Olympus, and International Pony and Trainer. During which I was one of the cofounders of Steel Valley Leather. This was a unique leather club whose premise and goal was true gender equality in leather brotherhood and sisterhood.

One lesson I have learned from my family is that leather is never about the clothing. It is always about the heart.

Being Maxxsboy has been the most important role in my life. I Truly believe that I was born to be his boy.