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Rhee is a leather woman and bootblack from the Indianapolis/Lafayette areas. She is the 2015 Indiana Ms. Leather Pride and the 2016 Ms. Great Lakes Olympus Leather.

She has been in the kink/leather communities for over 25 years in both Indiana and Texas.

Rhee enjoys a wide variety of play types and usually is considered a heavy bottom. She enjoys thuddy, stingy, things that make her bleed, and has found a love for branding.

For other activities, she is an avid reader, writer, and educator. As an educator, she talks about many topics including hands on bootblacking 101. Rhee is also particularly interested in the psychology of kink, kinksters, and communities.

The interest in the psychology comes from that Rhee holds both a BS and an MSW in psych based fields along with a heavy emphasis on nutrition.

Rhee resides in the Lafayette, IN area with her master/husband Mr. Great Lakes Olympus Leather 2015, 2016 Mactep.

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