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Ches, aka FoxBear, has been a pervert for as long as he can remember, was a leatherman before he knew there was a word for it, and has been an active member of the central Kentucky leather and bear communities since 2008. 

Ches is a founding member of the Kentucky Leather Brotherhood, is an associate of the Chicago Hellfire Club, serves on the Board of Directors of Butchmanns, Inc., and is Mr. North American Muscle Bear 2015.  His other associations and involvements have included the Louisville Munch group, the Derby City Bears, and the Kentucky Bourbon Bears. 

A self-described "eclectic spiritual omnivore with an Odin-Prometheus complex," Ches's leather practice is primarily focused around notions of self-knowledge and transcendence, as well as the transformative potential of intimate spiritual and physical connections.

Under the name of FoxBear, Ches also maintains an active online presence directed toward the education and edification of both the leather and bear communities through blogging and appearing on podcasts.  He also posts a ridiculous number of semi-pornographic selfies.

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