It was only a few years ago that Ken found his way to kink, leather, and Indiana. Trust and communication make him warm; scruff and power exchange make him hard. He loves to express these through rope, bootblacking, and rough body play, especially in public.

Q is a self-identified queer, gender nonconforming, actively non-monogamous, sex positive, leather boi. It’s well known that flirting is Q’s default mode of communication. He can often be found with a charming smile on his face or looking mischievous with the other bois. On rare occasions this bootblack might even be found dancing on a table for the right amount of money…for charity of course!

Bootblack boy ed is a United States Marine Corps Veteran and lives in Philadelphia, PA with his Sir and leather brother. In 2014 he became the International Community Bootblack after competing as the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Community Bootblack in Dallas, Texas. Bootblack boy ed’s bootblack experience started while serving his country in the United States Marine Corps 30 years ago. He would work on boots in his free time and fantasized about the men that wore them. Now he gets to live out those fantasies with sexy and hot leather men and women!

Bootblack boy ed also serves his community by coordinating bootblacks and bootblacking for Bears, Bikers, and Mayhem, Mr & Ms NJ Leather Weekend, Folsom East, and is the Bootblack Coordinator for the Baltimore Eagle and The Bike Stop.  He can be found bootblacking at many leather events, The DC Eagle, Baltimore Eagle, and Philadelphia Bike Stop. He is always helping to raise money for titleholder travel funds, charities, and organizations. Bootblack boy ed serves as a Board Member for Folsom East.

Along with mentoring bootblacks, he has had the opportunity to share his craft by teaching at CLAW, Project Real, Jersey Kollege of Kink, and Pittsburgh Leather Pride. He provides help to many leather men and women competing at various leather contests through coaching, bootblacking, being den daddy, and contestant handler.

Since coming out queer, the BDSM and fetish community has been a part of Zach’s personal journey. Early on in his adventure he discovered the love of serving his communities though bootblacking.

Earning the title 'Ohio Community Bootblack' in 2014 and first runner up at International Mr. Bootblack 2015, Zach has spent the last 5 years traveling the country spreading bootblack love and education though practicing his craft at contests and teaching events, and other shine-anigans he gets himself into.

Zach is a board member of the Titans of the Midwest, which helps facilitate kink education and community building events, in an inclusive spirit, all across the midwest. Many nights you will find Zach out in white makeup and dresses as Sister Charity Balls a founding Member of the Cincinnati Sisters, The Abby of the Immaculate 4-Way, a mission house of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. He is also an associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club and the Kentucky Leather Brotherhood.

Zach has been known to be a sadistic bastard in the play space, his motto being “Tears make the best lube”, but also cuddles as hard as he spanks.

Residing in Cincinnati Ohio for the past 10 years with his boy and apprentice, boy-pup Roke, Zach is infinitely grateful for the friends he has made, the family that has chosen him, and the clubs in which he has found brothers and sisters.

Ches, aka FoxBear, has been a pervert for as long as he can remember, was a leatherman before he knew there was a word for it, and has been an active member of the central Kentucky leather and bear communities since 2008. 

Ches is a founding member of the Kentucky Leather Brotherhood, is an associate of the Chicago Hellfire Club, serves on the Board of Directors of Butchmanns, Inc., and is Mr. North American Muscle Bear 2015.  His other associations and involvements have included the Louisville Munch group, the Derby City Bears, and the Kentucky Bourbon Bears. 

A self-described "eclectic spiritual omnivore with an Odin-Prometheus complex," Ches's leather practice is primarily focused around notions of self-knowledge and transcendence, as well as the transformative potential of intimate spiritual and physical connections.

Under the name of FoxBear, Ches also maintains an active online presence directed toward the education and edification of both the leather and bear communities through blogging and appearing on podcasts.  He also posts a ridiculous number of semi-pornographic selfies.