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Seth is one of those puppies that has always had an affinity for boots. Not the annoying kind that hi-jacks your shoes, taking them away to gnaw on them and to leave them absolutely demolished behind the couch, for you to find the instant you're heading to IML, but the loving kind that will slobber on them until they shine like a freshly loved bone. Seth has been an active part of the bootblacking community working in such places as CLAW, ILW and his partner Zak Rittenhouse's bedroom (or his Daddy bears, he aint picky) and is well loved for his "waddling Corgi cuteness" amongst the puppies of the leather community. As an Agent of ASH! he is a force to be reckoned with and a guy to be reckoned with. He is a full member of Titans of the Midwest, the dean of Kink U Columbus as well as Co-Dean of Kink U Tristate leather weekend. In his local community he can be found working on events for the local PaH group "Ruff pups" as well as being on staff for Iowa Leather Weekend as Head Bootblack/Bootblack coordinator. When not at Leather events he is spending time with his local leather family and Daddy bear Zach Bellman, he advocates body positivity to the puppy community at large.

slave john is the devoted property of Mistress Tammy. His journey into the Lifestyle began nearly twenty years ago. slave john served several real time Masters and Mistresses before finding his heart in service to Mistress Tammy. He has faithfully served her for the last fifteen years, and is proud to be her husband and personal property.

Slave john is proud to share the Great Lakes Master/slave 2004 title with Mistress Tammy. He is a former Marine Corps officer, shipping manager, and financial adviser. Originally from Las Vegas, he now lives in Kentucky as a loving and obedient slave and is proud to be a member of the Leather community. His goal is to help others learn from his experiences and offer hope to those seeking a Master/Mistress.

Residing in the beautiful city of Louisville, Kentucky by the way of Central Kentucky where he began his BDSM and leather journey, boy johnathan is honored to be back at GLLA serving as your den boy.  As an active member in both the Louisville and Lexington kink communities, he regularly attends and participates with GLLA, Mr. Bluegrass Leather, Bluegrass Leather Pride, the Louisville Munch group and Louisville Leather and Kink.  

With his passions residing in both the leather and bear communities, he has also served as officer and member of Kentucky Bourbon Bears.  He has served as judges' boy for the Mr. Crossings Leather 2014, Mr. Tri-State Leather/Rubber 2013 and as den boy for the past 3 years with GLLA.  He is a founding board member for Mr. Friendly - Team Louisville and a member of Trident International.

boy johnathan enjoys spending his free time with his leather family and friends or curled up on the couch with a good book.  Other past times that he enjoys are fine bourbons, cigars, cooking, and serving his community.  boy johnathan also enjoy being tied up and used.  He is an avid reader of gay erotica, a bit of a pain junkie and a tattoo enthusiast.  He is always on the look out to learn more....please, don't' be scared, he doesn't bite much....

As a boy/cub/pup, his ultimate goal is to support his community and leather family through service and personal growth.

Russ Coulter joins GLLA from Covington, Kentucky where he resides and works as a CNA on an Alzheimer’s/Dementia unit. This will be his third year serving as Den Daddy for GLLA and thoroughly enjoys working with the contestants. He has been active in the BDSM Leather Kink world for approximately 15 years.  Russ is active in the kink communities in Louisville, Covington and Cincinnati as well as neighboring states. He served as Den Daddy and assisted as stage manager for Bluegrass Leather Pride contest 2013 in Louisville and Den Daddy for Mr Tri State Leather 2013.   He is a member of Chicago Hellfire Club, Delta International, Mama’s Family and former member of Louisville Trailblazers, Bluegrass Bourbon Bears, Trident International and Tennessee Gryphons.  Russ holds the title of Mr Kentucky Leather 2008 and represented the state of Kentucky by competing in International Mr Leather 2008.

Russ was one of three founding members of Mr. Friendly Team Louisville and is also the founder of The House of DeSade and The Kentucky Puppy Troop.  Russ currently has 3 pups that he enjoys spending his free time with.  He loves electrical play and enjoys teaching safety and use of electrical toys.

Pup Bjorn is proud to be beta to both Alphas, Alpha Mjolnir and Alpha Gungnir.   Bjorn is a service pup and enjoys doing things for his Alphas and others.  This has led Bjorn to bootblacking. Bjorn has enjoyed bootblacking at multiple events.  His journey as a bootblack and a puppy is just beginning. Bjorn is excited to keep learning about the community and himself.  Learning where he will go on his own personal journey of discovery.

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