Workshop Co-Coordinator - Sir Mark Eddy

Sir Mark believes very strongly in the Power of People to change the world to fit them rather than changing yourself to fit the world. He dreams of a unity between people where you are not criticized or condemned by the choices you make or the life you lead; that you are truly free to be the person you were born to be.

As an active educator, he focuses his attention on helping others discover the Power within to be the best we can be. He is on the Board of Directors of the Mr Friendly program, teaches classes throughout the year in the kink community and is constantly looking for ways to learn and grow himself and others.

Sir Mark rarely passes up the opportunity to provide demonstrations in flogging, bondage and tactile experiences, each of which has delighted his own fetish, skill and knowledge. He finds particular erotic pleasure and satisfaction introducing these experiences to curious and nervous first timers as well, WOOF.

He is quoted as saying that during his title years, and throughout his leather life, he has met brothers, sisters, boys, pups, littles, ponies, Sirs, Bootblacks, Doms, Masters, slaves, pig bottoms, bears, transgender… kinksters of all kinds that have helped him discover that the “normal” life he lives in is the one that resides in the Leather and Kink community.

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