Event Security Coordinator - Sir Shane

  Shane began his leather lifestyle as early as high school in the 1970s. He acknowledged his preference and acceptance of this lifestyle in 1979. Through the years, Shane has been instrumental in many community events and has taught many through his knowledge and life experiences.

Shane has been a contributing member of LIFE Detroit almost since its inception, and he focuses on the community at large through this venue. In 2003, Shane was awarded the honor of being selected Mr. Leather Michigan for 2003; that same year, he competed at IML. Being a contestant during IML’s 25th anniversary was an experience and process that sanctified his life at that time and continues to do so today. In 2003, Shane was also responsible for co-coordinating and co- chairing the first ever Adult entertainment forum in Detroit with the assistance of Rudy Serra as legal counsel and Jeff Montgomery as executive director for the Triangle Foundation. His Co–Chair and coordination assistant was an owner of a now-defunct Adult services agency. The forum was well received and attended by many from Detroit and metro areas, Grand Rapids, MI , Cleveland, Ohio and Toronto, Canada.

Shane has been an avid participant in LIFE Detroit events over the years and was one of the incorporates of DARK Weekend (Detroit Area Rough Kinkfest), which is sponsored by LIFE Detroit. During his travels, he was the only Leatherman from the United States who was invited to and participated in Montreal’s Diver/Cité in 2003.

In 2004, Shane and his friend Bryon Hayes formed Cobalt Productions, a company that designed, produced and executed Leather events and contests. In 2005, Shane and his boy Geno incorporated Leatherocity, a leather and uniform/fetish store that operates in the SE Michigan area and caters to the community’s needs–-all at a low cost. In 2006, he accepted an invitation from GLLA Director Ms. Kendra to produce the Michigan Leather SIR/boy contest and introduce the Ms Leather Michigan Pride contest to the community. Currently living in the Detroit Metro area, Shane has a life partner of 10+ years and boy Geno of 3+ years. Though a very busy man, Shane always makes the time to assist where there is a need.

Shane feels strongly about communication among the masses and education of diversity practices within all lifestyles. He has been nominated for the Pantheon Of Leather awards multiple times, not only as Man of the Year, but as an appointee in the nominations for LIFE Detroit and DARK Weekend. In addition, he was nominated for Pantheon Community Choice award.

Shane has been a member of GLLA for almost as many years as it has been in existence. 

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