Bootblack Co-Coordinator - Gabriel

After years of serving the leather and kink communities as an ASL Interpreter, Gabriel has been all over the country (and once or twice to Canada) to attend and work events big and small.  About 9 years ago he caught the whiff of polish and grease and was drawn to bootblacking. Jumping in with both feet....uhh boots that is, he worked to find mentors everywhere he went and in 2011 (with a lot help from his friends) he decided he and the world were ready for him as a title holder.  He competed and was awarded both Bluegrass Bootblack and GLLA Bootblack. The following year he competed at ICBB and was awarded the Golden Brush Award for 2012.  He cherishes the experiences from all the competitions he has either been in or judged for since.  He was honored to be the keynote speaker for GLLA in 2013. 2014 was a big year as well receiving the the Spirit of Service Award at SWLC and The Pantheon of Leather Southeast Regional award.

Knowing it is time to continue to be involved and help make the changes he wants to see, Gabriel has started teaching workshops both at home and at events. In his home community of Louisville, KY he has been a successful emcee for the last 2 years at the Bluegrass Leather Pride event. Trying to live up to his position as Mama's Kissing Bandit and one of Ms. Constance's 'kids', Gabriel wants to pass along the wonderful experiences he had competing and serving in this community.  To that end has teamed up with GLLA to co-direct the GLLA Bootblack Contest.

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