GLLA 2012

Contest Winners for 2012

Great Lakes Master 2012, Master Peter, Great Lakes slave 2012, slave evangeline, Great Lakes Ms Leather Pride 2012,

Ms CherriesJubalie, Great Lakes Bootblack 2012, bella, Great Lakes LeatherSIR 2013,

SIR Papa Bear, kneeling, Great Lakes Leatherboy 2013, boy mark


Keynote Speaker for GLLA 2012

Hardy Haberman

Since the mid-70s Hardy has been an active in the leather community and a member of many BDSM/ Fetish organizations, including Dallas Motorcycle Club, Leather Rose Society, NLA-Dallas, and Discipline Corps; he is also a founding member of Inquisition-Dallas. Considering himself a "Pain Technologist," Hardy specializes in CBT and has an unusual fondness for clips, clamps and clothespins as well as more esoteric SM play.

Professionally, he is a marketing specialist and filmmaker. His documentary on the leather lifestyle, "LEATHER," has won numerous awards and appeared in festivals around the world. His latest film, "Out of the Darkness, The Reality of SM," is currently being used by health care professionals around the world.

Outside work, he is a gay activist, author and speaker on aspects of the SM/Leather scene. His books, "The Family Jewels, A Guide to Male Genital Play and Torment" (Greenery Press), and “More Family Jewels,” Playing With Pain,” and “Soul of a Second Skin” (Nazca Plains Publishing) are available at bookstores everywhere.

He was awarded NLAI's Man of the Year award in 1999 and the NLA-I Lifetime Achievement award in 2007. In 2010, he received the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force Leather Leadership award.

Since April, 1995, he and his boy, Patrick, have been living together in Dallas with their Feline Mistress Elvira and troublemaker Jack-The-Cat.

2012 Contest Judges and Staff

Sir/boy Judges

Mark Frazier

Sir Alan

Pup Nitro

Sal Hopkins


Hardy Haberman

Queen Cougar

Alternate Judge: boy Bamm-Bamm

Tally Master: Sir Josh

Tally boy: boy jim

Judges boy: Pup Snuggles

Judges boy: boy neil

Den Daddy: Russ Coulter

Den boy: boy jonathan

Bootblack Judges


Sarah Sloane

Jayson DaBoi

Leslie Anderson

Master Kristina

Alternate Judge: Nick Elliott

Judge's Wrangler: Rachel

Den Daddy: Spike

Tally Person: Niki

Master/slave Judges

Master Alex Keppeler

Master Z of Texas

Tom Stice

Master Dan

Lady Elsa

slave keith

slave Caroline

Judges girl: Dinah

Tally Master: Master Charles

Tally slave: jacki



Gabrielle, International Ms Leather 1990

Amish Rachael Yoder


ASL Interpreters

Michana Seelig


Contest Entertainment

Sir Jim Ellison

Gender Studs


GLLA 2011 Presenters

Douglas O'Keeffe

Queen Cougar


Mistress Jenn


Dan & dawn

Dan & Melissa



Hardy Haberman

Lady Elsa

boi Kris



Master Morris

slave jonathan

Master Oakman

slave diamond

Master Todd

slave elizabeth


Michael Sol

Ms Constance

Mystryss Lilly

Mistress Simone

Pup Snuggles


Sir Luph

Rule of Three


Rosie Sparkles

Russ Coulter

Terry Stallions

Sara Vibes

Sargent Major


Master Sindarian

slave ciara

slave Caroline

Wayne Brawner


Tammy Jo Eckhart


Mark Frazier

Master Konraad

slave Jazz



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