GLLA 2010

Great Lakes Leather Alliance 2010 Contest Winners!


Standing: Master Dan, Great Lakes Master 2010, Pandora, Great Lakes Ms Leather Pride 2010,

Mr. Monte, Great Lakes LeatherSIR 2011, Piglet, Great Lakes Community Bootblack 2010

Kneeling: slave dawn, Great Lakes slave 2010, pup snuggles, Great Lakes Leatherboy 2011

Due to personal problems, Sir Monte had to resign the Great Lakes Leather Sir title.
Sir Merrill of Michigan, above, will be assuming the title of
Great Lakes Leather Sir 2010 and will be competing at ILSb 2011.


GLLA 2010 Presenters

Miss Constance

Roger Stevens

Mark Frazier

Master Z

Wayne Brawner

Mistress Tammy

Dan and Dawn

Tammy Jo

Jim & Jerith

Leon MonkeyFetish & CherriesJubalie

Rosie Sparkles

Dr. Bob Rubel



Master Gallad & Kelly

Mistress Joanne

Lady Lynette

Mz Suzan

Painboy & Chaotic Cat

slave caroline

Sir Top & slave bonnie

Ms. Solitaire & artemis

slave evangeline

Russ Colter

GLLA 2010 Judges


Master/slave Judges

Master Alex

Ms Suzan

Master Z

Sergeant Major

slave fink

slave kelly

slave bonnie

Master/slave Judges' Assistants

boy dana

Master/slave Tally Master

Master Kristina

Master/slave tally slave

slave ed

LeatherSir/Leatherboy/Ms Leather Pride Judges

Mark Frazier

Sir Merrill

Sir Raul



Doug Van Kirk

boy edward


LeatherSir/Leatherboy/Ms Leather Pride Alternate Judge

boy Ian

LeatherSir/Leatherboy/Ms Leather Pride Tally Master



LeatherSir/Leatherboy/Ms Leather Pride Judges boy

boy joe

Den Daddy for LeatherSir/Leatherboy/Ms Leather Pride

Sir Rick

Contest Emcees

                                   Rachel Yoder



2010 BootBlack Contest Judges

BootBlack Judges



Tim Starkey

Mistress Joanne

Syr Evan

Bootblack Judges Wrangler


Bootblack Alternate Judge


Bootblack Den Daddy


Bootblack Tally Person



GLLA 2010 Sponsors

The W Foundation

Orphanage Tattoos



GLLA 2010 Vendors

MT Leather Products

S. M. Hertz Co.


Marvelous Mayhem

Arcane's Attic

Violet Wand Store


Holesome Tattoos


Ms Martha's Corset Shoppe

Blue Diamond Trading Co

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