GLLA 2008

Great Lakes Leather Alliance 2008 Contest Winners



kneeling Left to Right:   boy Neil, Great Lakes Leatherboy 2009, slave kelly, Great Lakes slave 2008. 

Standing Left to Right:  Trooper, Great Lakes Bootblack 2008, Lisandro, Mr. Midstates Leather 2008,

Sir Merrill, Great Lakes LeatherSIR, 2009, Mistress Simone, Great Lakes Ms Leather Pride 2008,

Master Gallad, Great Lakes Master 2008 


Trooper, Great Lakes Bootblack 2008 winning the Golden Brush Award.



SIR Merrill, Ms Simone and boy neil


Master Gallad and slave kelly




Key Note Speaker

Molly Devon


Judges - Leather SIR/boy/MS

Mark Frazier

Mister Marcus

Sir Joee

Gene Romaine



boy doug massey


Judges - Master/slave

Master Alex Keppler

Master Z of Dallas

Master Stephen

Master Sar

slave bonnie

slave Caroline


Judges - Bootblack


Andrew (blitdig) Johnson

Andrea Zanin


Chuck Morris


Judges - Mid-States Leather

Jeff Storer

Ms Ruby

Randy Wrisinger

Thomas L. Smith

Ms Margaret

Sir Gary French

Daddy Donald Palmore

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