GLLA 2007

Great Lakes Leather Alliance 2007 Contest Winners!

GLLA 2008 contest winners with Ms Kendra  
Standing left to right: Ms Kendra (Executive Director GLLA), Sir Rob (2008 GL Sir), Riley (2007 GL Bootblack),
Sirboy Cristo (Bootblack Director), BooBoo (Bootblack assistant producer)
Kneeling left to right: slave garrett (Asst. Executive Director GLLA), boy joey (2008 GL boy)

GLLA 2007 Ms Leather Pride 
Lady Justice is our Great Lakes Ms Leather Pride for 2007

Riley is our Great Lakes Bootblack for 2007

Good luck to all our title holders with your title year! We're very proud of all of you!

GLLA 2007 Keynote Speaker

Rick Storer


GLLA 2007 Presenters

Mistress Constance

Master Larry and slave barb

Mistress Cyan

Ms Margaret and slave Erich


Sir Captain and boy Warren

Hardy Haberman

Tom Wray

Master Olivier and pup Sparky

Bob Rubel

Master Taino

Steven Toushin & puppy sharon

Sissy Maid Stephanie

Master Conrad

Mark Frazier

Master Archer

Ms Mary Elizabeth Boyd


Master Bob and slave jan


Elita and Tina


Rick Storer

Leon Grossman

Daddy Eric and boy earl

Master Bob and Bootpig

Master Steve

slave caroline

Karen "UltraDomme" and Michael Crecelius


GLLA 2007 Emcee Extraodinaire

Tom Stice


GLLA 2007 LeatherSIR, Leatherboy,
Ms Leather Pride Judges

Bob Miller

Mark Frazier

Lady Justice

Lady Faye Falconnier

Chris Espander

Andrew Keisker

George Hester


GLLA 2007 Master/slave Judges

Master Alex Keppeler

Catherine Gross

Master Z of Dallas

Master Steve Sampson

slave Alia

slave caroline

Bill Howard


GLLA 2007 BootBlack Judges


Jeffrey Storer


GLLA 2007 Contest Staff

Tally Staff:




Bootblack Tally Person:


Den Staff:

Todd Davidson

Ms Heather

Judges Support Staff:

Master Steve and slave Isabella

Judges' boy:

boy jack and jc

Stage Crew:


Puppy Fifi


GLLA 2007 Sponsors

Alpha One Web Hosting and Web Design


Joanne Gaddy O.C.P.


The Chicago Den

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