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Thank you to everyone, including all attendees, who made GLLA 2017 a great place to be.

GLLA 2018:  September 6 - 9, 2018

Registration Opens: January 1, 2018


GLLA 2017 Contest Winners


left to right:  Great Lakes slave 2017, slave lyon, Great Lakes Master 2017, Master Scott,
Great Lakes Ms Leather Pride 2017, Daddy Sky Cotton, Great Lakes Power Exchange 2018 triad, Anders, Mistress Elliot, Hagen,
Great Lakes Bootblack 2017, Ray, Great Lakes Leatherboy 2018, boy steve, Great Lakes LeatherSIR 2018, Sir Jay


Great Lakes Trainer and Pup 2017


Trainer, Sir Nate and Pup Teya


2017 Victory Party 

Victory Party


Judges - Bootblack

Head Judge - Q

boy ed






Ken - Alternate Judge


Judges - Master/slave

Master Alex

Master Z

boy Keith



slave toi

Ms Brenda


Judges - Sir/boy Ms

Mark Frazier - Head Judge

Sir Ivan

Eric Masters

Joey McDonald

Patrick Smith

slave adeena

boy Jim


Judges - Puppy/Trainer

Pup Incus - Head Judge

Rex Shephard

Daddy John

Pup Figaro

Sir Pounder

Brian "Bolt" Donner

Pup Vino

Pup Dodger - Alternate Judge